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Google Voice photo download

Google Voice photo download

Chrome browser extension


Your platform is Windows with the latest Chrome browser and you have a Google Voice phone number. Google Voice supports send/receive text messages with image/photo attachments. Downloading received photos, however, is inconvenient. You can download one image at a time with minimum 5 clicks (one to open, right-click, Save image as, Save, return arrow). See discussions here and here and here and here .


This extension shows all photos of a thread(conversation) in a compact, easy-to-scroll list. It provides a quick one-click download for each image. To install:


Downloading photos and images sent to your Google Voice number becomes much easier.

Note: If your photo files download automatically with extension .jfif, here is a fix for Windows 10:
Hit the Windows key ► enter ‘regedit’ ► regedit opens ► HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT ► MIME ► DATABASE ► Content type ► image/jpeg ► change “extension” value from .jfif to .jpg

Note: Legacy Google Voice cannot use this extension

Note: Chrome on Mobile Devices does not support extensions