Google Voice photo download

Chrome browser extension


Your platform is Windows with the latest Chrome browser and you have a Google Voice phone number. Google Voice supports send/receive text messages with image/photo attachments. Downloading received photos, however, is inconvenient. You can download one image at a time with minimum 5 clicks (one to open, right-click, Save image as, Save, return arrow). See discussions here, here, here and here .

Two additional issues are that 1) any date information has to be manually associated with the photos, as that information is neither included in the filename nor the metadata, and 2) there is no easy way to download a large number of photos with one click.


This extension shows all photos of a thread(conversation) in a compact, easy-to-scroll list. It provides a quick one-click download for all images currently in view, and a list of clickable thumbnails to download individual images. Images are named according to the date they were sent or received.

To install:


Downloading photos and images sent to your Google Voice number becomes much easier.

«««< Updated upstream

Note: The extension can only download photos that are currently loaded in the current tab. To get old photos, you need to scroll back to the older photos before hitting the extension button. ======= Notes: