Minimal R/Shiny Interface to ECharts.js

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The goal of echarty is to provide a minimal interface between R and native ECharts components. Use R data lists and a few echarty commands to build a chart. There are utilities included to assist with data preparation (, Shiny with proxy (ecs.*) and formatting (ec.clmn).
Have the full functionality of ECharts in R with minimal overhead!

Enjoy the gallery and grab some chart code!
Good place to get started with echarty

Learn by example

Try WebR Coder or the more complete R Coder:

demo(coder, package='echarty')

See what you can do with echarty and Shiny

demo(eshiny, package='echarty')

Have fun with Translator Assistant - translate Javascript data to R!   ECharts has lots of great examples . The goal is to facilitate translation of their JSON-like data (option object) to R lists.

demo(js2r, package='echarty')

Or browse some interesting code gists.


More detailed step-by-step examples with tips and tricks.

Example 1 - Building an interactive map with regional data

Example 2 - Like Clockwork

Example 3 - Hierarchical data

Example 4 - Sankey with timeline

Example 5 - Bubbles without troubles with JavaScript

Example 6 - Grouped, stacked and timelined


Social media for charts! Examples - basic and advanced   live
More in the gallery.


Specific utilities and applications 💲 code for sale.

Open Source Acknowledgements

echarty was inspired by and benefits some code from echarts4R,
hat tip also to the pioneers - recharts and ECharts2Shiny,
and cheers for htmlwidgets and ECharts to make it all possible.